TseT is a prestigious clothing company with a strong history in Iran’s textile industry. Recognizing the potential in the field of clothing design and production, the company was founded in 2020 with the goal of meeting the clothing needs of society. Through the use of talented and specialized human resources, TseT has been able to create a new style in the clothing industry that is suitable for every Iranian.
It’s great to hear that you had a good experience with TseT. It sounds like you were able to have a comprehensive project from start to finish in the clothing industry, and also collaborated with them on website design, logo design, product launch, SEO, and brand advertising.

Web Design
Seo / Sms marketing / Email marketing
lunch product
logo design
sochial media / content making video and writing
campaign making 360


Graphic Design
Digital Marketing 360


Hossein Naghipour


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